Godzilla vs. Hedora

Ring-tailed lemur

Ring-tailed lemur with bone and mammoth carving


Dunkleosteus with Hellas-Planatia seabed and Kuwait City

Greater Axlotl

Race with the Devil

Hadrocodium, the first mammal

Hadrocodium with fertility totem

Indian hornbill

Amber Monolith

For a Few Dollars More

termite mound

Worker termites in mound with Shuwaikh flour mill

Night of the Living Dead

caddisfly larvae

Caddisfly larvae and casings with Pueblo Bonito dwellings

The Tingler


Tragic City Rollers roller derby


Pteraspis, armored fish, Devonian period

Roger Corman's The Forbidden World

spectral aye-aye animation

Bird Maiden

Earth vs. the Flying Saucers

Bird Boy

undead dame dolla

coati illustration

Blazers v. Hawks

Leech Magic

Amaranth arowana

Arowana with hand-axe and mummified heart


Ganymede original font—download


greater adjutant


Trilobite with Victorian tide computer

The Grand Duel


Sengi with arrowheads

Mawsonia, coelacanth

Mawsonia with Greek urns and spear tip